My Marathon Training Shoes – Early 2019

If you’re curious, here are the shoes I’ve chosen for marathon training. I have a small, neutral foot, and prefer light shoes with a lower drop. “Running is an inexpensive sport” they say. 5 pairs of shoes later…

Womens Saucony Kinvara 9

Saucony Kinvara 9

I tried these puppies out last year, and found them a pretty all-around good shoe. They are super light, breathable, and have a spacious toe box. The colour options are pretty fly too, which is super important to me. I can’t stand an ugly shoe, I’m serious. They are a 0mm drop, which I like, and are neutral. The lacing system is snug. They are super runnable right out of the box.

Merrell Running Shoes

Merrell Trail Glove 4

I love these shoes. These are the third pair of barefoot-style Merrell shoes I’ve owned. I opted for the trail version this time to get more traction on, well, trails! I feel nimble and light when running with these. The toe box is roomy, and the water resistance is great. I never get any blisters or hot spots with these shoes.

Womens Merrell Bare Access Flex 2018

Merrell Bare Access Flex 2018

I’m a Merrell fan. Wide toe box, barefoot style, 0mm drop. I wish I could train in these all the time. The reality is that marathon training on road is pretty hard to sustain with barefoot style shoes. I know people do it, but I know it would take a lot of time to work into it. For now, these puppies are with me for short runs, and gym workouts.

Nike Pegasus Turbo 35

I bought into the hype. I dig these shoes. They feel peppy and bouncy in the sole, and I like the line out of the heel. They are light, narrow and fitted, which is something I like about my Nike Flex. My foot is a little wide for them I think though, and I don’t get much support in the arch. However, when I wear them with my orthotics, though it increases the weight, they feel really solid. I’ve had the least amount of knee pain wearing these shoes with my orthotics.

Womens Nike Flex 2017

Nike Flex 2017

I am told by many that these are not a great running shoe. I get it. They don’t have a lot of support, and are kinda cushy. But they feel tight, light, and freaking amazing on my feet. I ran my first marathon in the 2016 versions. I’m not training in these a lot, but I accidentally raced in them again this year. Whoops.