Marathon Training Week 2 of 18


Marathon training week two is in full swing! I started off the week with 13km again. It was uneventful!


Hit the gym for a full-body workout, including deadlifts. I haven’t been regular with the gym lately, so I was sore! Next up was an 8km run with Kathryn before our run clinic. It was great to catch up. I worked on talking while running – never a strong point for me!


Rest Day! I felt really wiped out – I hit a yin yoga class, and barely slogged through that! I got an excellent sleep though!


I shot out of bed at 6:30, and decided to get my 16km run over with. Running in the dark morning has always been intimidating, so this was a big win for me. It was slow, sloppy going. I wore my screw shoes and I noticed that they were starting to poke my feet again. Not cool.


Rest Day! I hit the gym again, and decided to stick to upper body and core work so as not to fatigue the legs for long run day.


Snowy, cold long run. Jon and I started together and ran along the trail up towards Guelph Lake. It was a beautiful route, but slow going with thick snow. Luckily I stayed out of the ice-cold windy, but Jon had to slog through it for another 13km on top of my 22! What a champ. I had to stop more times than I’d like, but winter running comes with too many complications.


Rest Day! Who knew marathon training would have so many rest days in a week?? I made good use of the time and went rock-climbing with a friend in the morning. Hit the gym for a full-body workout later on. (Squats and deadlifts in the SAME DAY for once).