Marathon Training Week 9 of 18


Rest due to injury! My physio assessed the foot and advised me that there was a separate issue going on with my ankle. More acupuncture, stretching, etc. ensued.


Rest again.


Rest… again. Another physio appointment

I hit the gym for a strength workout and did an elliptical workout. It felt pretty painless!


My foot was a little more sore after yesterday’s workout. I ran a cautious 5km with Jon in the evening! It still felt a little weird, and a little slow, but I don’t think it felt worse.


A bit of a strength workout with some HIIT cardio on the bike. I wanted my heart rate up but still to minimise movement of my ankle.


I carefully ran the 5km race at Around the Bay. I kept a very easy pace, and was feeling a bit emotional about my injury situation! I was quite envious of the 30km runners. On the plus side, I got to watch the 30km winners come in, and got a pic with Krista DuChene!