Marathon Training Week 8 of 18


Rest day! I still have a running injury. I saw a physiotherapist, and he advised me to take it easy on the running if it was painful. He gave me some stretches and exercises to do.


19km. My foot was still bothering me, but it was a little hard to tell if it was still prohibitive to run with. I ran a slow 13.5, and did the rest of the mileage with the 5km run clinic. No speed work was going to happen this week.


I ran with Jon, and we were both happy to take it slow. We picked a new route to avoid the wind. I was feeling quite uncomfortable with my foot, but I powered through it!


18km in the morning. I woke up spontaneously at 6:00am, and jumped into my shoes before I had time to second-guess it. I think this was when I started to feel some soreness in my ankle as well.


8km recovery today. This run really felt awful. I ran in my minimalist trail shoes, hoping to give my foot injury a rest. It was quite painful. The pace was abysmal.


I set out for my long run, planning on 24 out of the 32 I had scheduled. My foot (and now ankle) were extremely sore with every step. I ended up losing my water, and decided to bail on the run after 11km. The pain had increased sharply, and it was abundantly clear that I was only doing my body harm.


A somewhat reluctant rest day! I was feeling very upset about my injury, knowing that I really needed to take more time off for this thing to get better.