Marathon Training Week 7 of 18


Marathon training week 7 began with an unexpected injury rest day. Some pain on the top of my right foot began this morning, between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal. It was very painful to walk!


Injury rest day. Still not feeling back to normal, though the foot was slightly less painful. I began to notice pain more in shoes than in bare feet, probably because of some swelling.


16km in the morning. I was feeling too squirelly to rest any longer, so I gave it a go. It was a little bit painful, but by the end I felt great. My chiropractor gave me a bit of micro-current treatment in the afternoon, which seemed to help.


I experienced more foot pain today. I noticed it especially while walking through the halls at school. I got into the gym in the afternoon for a strength workout, and put in some time on the elliptical. It felt depressing, but at least it was something!


Injury rest day… again. The foot pain had lessened, but it certainly didn’t feel recovered. I was feeling very stressed out about the breakdown of my training week!


I decided to bite the bullet and get out for a long run. I was scheduled for 29km, but toned it down to 24. For the first 14km, my foot was in noticeable pain. I tried all manner of alterations to my stride to try and alleviate it. The last 10km I tried shifting my weight back and lifting my right foot earlier, which seemed to help. I focused on engaging my core as much as possible. It was a slow run with more stops than I’d like, but it certainly helped my confidence.


The foot was predictably sore again… though perhaps less so than earlier in the week? I did a strength session at the gym again, and happily felt some “oomph” in my lifts. I toned down the deadlifts slightly, since I think this is how I hurt my back/hips last week… which probably had something to do with the foot issue.