Marathon Training Week 6 of 18


Marathon training week 5 began with another 13km, which I woke up early to complete before work. I have typically been a post-work runner, particularly because I was doing IF (intermittent fasting) for quite a while, and had trouble running in the morning without fuel. My diet has changed from regimented to erratic, so I was able to have a piece of toast and jam to prepare. I still felt more fatigued than I usually do running later in the day, but not having to worry about it later in the day was a relief.


I had time in the afternoon, and it was beautiful day. I cycled to the gym, pushed myself through a fast and efficient full-body workout, and cycled home. It was after deadlifts and some woodchops with a medicine ball that I began to feel pain in my low back. I cycled home and transitioned to running attire for an easy 8km with Kathryn before our 5km clinic. As soon as we started running, strong discomfort radiated through my back and hips, making it challenging to engage my abs properly. I muscled through it, but was quite sore afterwards. Clearly some form error occurred in my anxious, hurried, gym session.


I managed to make a last-minute appointment with my chiropractor, who confirmed a strained and tight psoas. He did a bit of work on me and advised me to ease off the running if it continued to hurt. And then Jon and I hopped on a plane to Calgary that evening!


Jon and I skied at a small hill outside of Calgary, and ran 8km on a beautiful trail near our friend’s condo in Canmore. Wind and light ripped through the corridor of the river, but the scenery was beautiful, making it overall a great run.


Rest day, ski day! We spent a full day at Lake Louise. My quads lacked the muscular endurance for skiing as well as I wanted to, but we still managed plenty of glades and moguls, with excellent snow!


Rest day with a half day of excellent skiing at Sunshine. 20cm of fresh snow was heavenly.


Still in Calgary at a friend’s place, I was bent on completing my long run before our afternoon flight. Jess, our host, directed me to Calgary’s Bow River trail, which runs through the city center. I was amazed to find it plowed, though many residential streets were not! Hundreds of runners were out, in varying speeds and groupings. It was a beautiful, flat route, making the -15 degree weather manageable.