Marathon Training Week 5 of 18


Marathon training week 5 began with 15km. I had a scheduled tempo of 7km during the run. I really struggle with tempo runs, as they are a source of anxiety for me. Doing the run away from home, on a new route, really helped ease the fear. I was disappointed with the pace I was able to keep, but I was so relieved to have it done!


I ran 3.5km to and from the gym, sandwiching in a full-body workout. I had been doing this as a part of training last summer, and it is certainly an efficient method to get a short run in with a workout. The quick run on the way back is especially valuable, since my legs are pre-fatigued.


16km felt slow and sluggish on a full stomach, punctuated by a fascinating Radiolab podcast.


Gym today again. Squats and deadlifts are benefiting from frequency! It is exciting to feel strong while lifting, even though I’m running so much. I’ve been incorporating a full body workout 2-3x a week. Regularity, plus having a pre-workout carb, drinking BCAAs during the workout, and trying to nail down that elusive post-gym protein all seem to be making a positive impact.


Another sluggish, slow run this week. 8km. I wanted only to get some bloodflow into my legs after yesterday’s workout.


27km! My longest run ever so far! Jon and I did most of the route together, heading out southwest of the city. I was having some digestive issues, which was uncomfortable and distracting. Happily, we didn’t have to stop too often (I hate stopping at lights!) It was great to have Jon there for support. It was a gorgeous day to run. I hit a great stride around 21km, but it felt like a slog around 24.


I must have been eating properly, because I hit the gym for rest day again, and I increased both deadlift and squat (135 and 95 for working reps). I haven’t done this while running before. This training plan doesn’t have as much speed work as I was doing on my own before. This means I am less fatigued on rest days, so it is easier to schedule in gym sessions.

I ate a lot of food at the tail end of this week, but looking back at my activity, I think it was warranted!