Marathon Training Week 4 of 18


Due to the lingering snow, I ground out 8km on the treadmill, and then squeezed in a full body workout. I was surprised that I felt no soreness from yesterday’s race, and started to push a quicker pace than usual!


I attended a yoga class today, and ran 6.7km total with our clinic run. Kathryn and I had the pleasure of running with her coach, Michelle, so we got a little more than our usual ~3km.


13km in the morning. I woke up at 6:30 and got it done. I felt very drained and slow for this run, and it seemed like it went on forever. My podcast choice was ultra boring, as well.


Jon and I had a late and celebratory night at a beautiful local inn and restaurant. I impressed myself by tackling 16km on a new route. It felt quite good even thought I was struggling to stay hydrated – must have been the rich meal last night! I was listening to “Hidden Brain” – a very interesting podcast. I managed a negative split on this run. My appetite was out of control afterwards!


Rest Day! Not a great day – spend it feeling anxious. I didn’t even make it to the gym, which was disappointing!


Long run today: 24.3km. I added the .3 just so I could say that this is the longest I’ve ever run. I put my brain to work on figuring out some tactical methods to help my recent anxiety, and listened to a few great podcasts (Hidden Brain about marriage, and 99% Invisible about Trump’s wall and then branding.) It went well, I threw in 14 x 100m sprints near the end for some speedwork because I realized I had forgotten all about that this week!


Rest day! Cross-country skiing with the family!