Marathon Training – Week 1 of 18


The first week of marathon training started off with a 13km (8m) run. It was a bit of a shock to the system to be seeing this distance right away. Up until now, my weekday training runs had been a maximum of 60min, which took me to around 11km (6.8m). I ran with Jon on Monday, who luckily had about the same distance to do. We encountered some icy patches, but took it slow.


I ran 7km (4.3m) before leading the 5k training clinic I’ve been helping with at The Running Works, including the 10×100 sprints for the week. I felt amazing! The core work I’ve been doing felt noticeable. It was a good ease-in to resuming speedwork, which I am so scared of! 11km was my daily total. Marathon training means racking up those miles, fast.


Rest day! I went to a hot yoga class at my gym. It was disheartening to notice just how much less flexible I’ve become!


Jon and I attended Saucony’s #WeAreWinterWarriors event in Waterloo. It started with a motivational talk, and included three “fitness challenges” along the 5km course, mostly through the city’s park. It ended with sweet treats and hot cocoa, and endorphin-fuelled chatter with some local runners. Oh, and… I WON A PAIR OF SHOES! (More about that later!)

Saucony We Are Winter Warriors


Rest day!


Long Run. I ran 20km (12.4m). I foolishly planned a route with almost 10km (6m) directly into the wind, and uphill. Yeah… not smart. And this was after I had the foolhardy idea to ditch my windbreaker.


6km (3.7m) slow and easy over an icy river of a path in Toronto with Jon! A great conclusion to the first week of marathon training.