Marathon Training Week 16 of 18


Rest day! I cycled to the gym and did a full-body workout before work.


13 km run in the morning before work. I wanted to get into the habit of running before work during this week, in which I started a new job. I felt sluggish starting out, but once I realised that I had cut the time very close, I picked up the pace a little bit, 5:09 overall.


10km this morning, with 5x600m repeats. I was surprised how much pep I was able to put in without pre-run fuel. I did much better with timing this morning!


13km again today. I felt some real fatigue after the speed work yesterday. The run felt slow and long, but I was really energised once I got home to shower for work. My right hamstring and calf were really tight and sore.


Rest day! (Post-birthday night out)


Rest day! Slow easy hike.


25 km today. The plan called for 27, but I felt like this was enough. I’d been eating much more than usual/necessary for the past three days, and it really had an effect! I’m estimating that this is quite similar to how I’ll feel during the marathon. Still having digestive problems, but it wasn’t ask bad as it has been recently.

The run felt like it went by so quickly. I threw in a fast last 6km, at about 4:52min/km. When I got home, I didn’t feel as gassed as usual. This is a good sign!