Marathon Training Week 15 of 18


Rest day! This week was my week off after finishing school, before starting a new job.


The beginning of my week off. I altered the schedule this week to include speedwork on my medium-long run. 4x1200m at around my 5km race pace. I have a hard time pacing myself through intervals, I usually just try the strategy of “as fast as you can”.


8 casual km this morning on my favourite river route. I got up early to run, to practice what it would be like to run before work once my job starts.


Another 16km today… just a boring slow one!


I ran 9km in the craziest windstorm. I was feeling really antsy, and went out even though it was probably dangerous. I finished the run off with 10x100m intervals. After 1200m earlier in the week, these felt like a breeze!


Rest day! Volunteering at the 5Peaks Kelso trail run today. I was the water girl on the half marathon course. I ended up meeting a few people I had only previously chatted with via Instagram, which was great fun!


The long run was a bit of a grind today! 32 km. The first 20 were okay, but I suddenly began to feel extremely nauseous at that point. I stopped and contemplated cutting it short… but I remembered, “This is my last long run! It will hurt during the race too!”. I turned off the boring podcast and put some music on to get me through. I’m happy I save the music when I need it, because it ends up making a big impact on my mood!