Marathon Training Week 14 of 18


The week started off with a long run, as I had fallen into a Monday schedule from Boston weekend. This was the hardest run to date, I think. I slept about 2 hours, and had insane digestive problems throughout the night and morning (Classic IBS). I hauled myself out of bed at 6, and got ready. I was so dehydrated. I had to make about 12 bio break stops during the run. This did not feel healthy at all. But it was the longest I’d ever run! My knees were aching a little, but I think that is just the stress of distance.

On the positive side, I saw a deer and 6 wild turkeys!


Rest day! Much needed hydration. My right ankle was only swollen a teeny bit!


20km today. It was a gloomy one. Still experiencing digestive discomfort. I managed a negative split, staying between 4:46 and 5:00 for the last 5km. It felt liberating to be able to push my speed again. I’d been very conservative with speed work during my ankle’s recovery. Though I ran with my basic-but-comfortable Nikes, I experienced some serious toe-bang. I feel like my feet have gotten bigger somehow?


13 km. I tried to really take it easy on myself today, recognising that this would be a big mileage week for me. My calves were painful this whole run – they were tight before, but I perhaps massaged them too hard.


10km with 6x600m. I mentally eased myself into the speedwork, and I’m very glad to have completed it!


8 conversational km with Kathryn. It was a chilly day, but nice to get out of the house with her. It had been a heavy training week so far, so having a relaxed run together eased my tension.


Long run day – again! I planned a 27km route, unsure how I’d be feeling after 83km this week so far. The weather was perfect. I had a bagel and an egg with green tea for breakfast. My digestive issues from earlier in the week were finally calming down. The weather was sunny and 8 degrees. I planned the route perfectly with the wind direction. I ended up extending the run to 31km after assessing my condition at 25. Aside from sore knees, I was generally in good shape. I took the rest of the day to relax.

Overall, a great week! I popped my mileage way up, but I balanced it with plenty of sleep, rest, self-massage, and very healthy eating. I think I managed it well!