Marathon Training Week 13 of 18


This week began in Boston, on the day of the 2018 Marathon. I was there supporting Jon, as he ran his first Boston! I had put off my long run from the weekend. I got up with him, and we both layered up. We added a cheap plastic poncho to our gear from the hotel. We walked down to the bus pickup, and I began my long run from there. It was… challenging. The rain and wind were so heavy, and I was navigating with my phone (in a ziplock bag) based on a random Strava route I found. I got lost a few times, I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts and bought a banana… every part of me was soaked! I eked out 28 slow km.


Rest day! Much needed after a late, celebratory night out!


20km, surprisingly fast given the lack of sleep over the previous two days. I was feeling energetic, and ended up finishing the run with a 5km at 4:53min/km. It was cold, with light rain.


13 very “meh” km today. They can’t all be winners, am I right?


7km at another “meh” and kind of slow pace.  Just accumulating kms at this point, nothing more!


Today I raced the Run Waterloo “EndurRun”. Due to bad weather last week, both races were pushed to the same day. I ran the 5km, and the 8km about an hour later. I won a few age group medals, which was very sweet. I also PB’d in the 5km, with a time of 21:59! I was surprised to be able to do this, considering how tough the week was on my body!

In the Pfitzinger plan I’ve been loosely following, he prescribes these 8mile (13km) “races” in the latter half of the program, so I felt like this stood in for one!


Rest day! I Pushed the long run into next week due to the Boston situation.