Marathon Training Week 11 of 18


Marathon training week 10 began with a a 13km run. I had taken two days off from my long run on the weekend, to let the swelling in my ankle tendon go down a little. Things were feeling okay!


Rest again.


16km today, cautiously raising that mileage. I ran first thing in the morning, which I’m starting to really enjoy. It certainly feels more gruelling during the run, but getting it out of the way allows me to focus more on my day. I dealt with 45km/hr winds, which was not the best!


Rest day! Alternating days has been working for the injury so far!


19km in the morning again. I woke up at 5:30am after tossing and turning, anxious about the length of this run. I chose a route that had a lot of trail, thinking that running on softer surfaces would be beneficial for my foot issues. It was, overall, a pretty great run!


Rest day! Jon and I had been doing our long runs on Saturdays more often than not, so it was pleasing to have a whole day together with no running or plans. We went to the Elmira maple syrup festival, where I gorged on pancakes, under the guise of pre-long run day carbs!


I was uncomfortable and anxious about the long run today. I wanted to run as long as possible without blowing up my ankle. I set out around 10am with 27km planned. I included some trail on the route, which helped to avoid a strong cold wind. I ended up running for about 2.5km into strong blowing snow, and ended the run in the sun. I accidentally added a km to the route, bringing me to 28km total – my longest run to date!