Marathon Training Week 10 of 18


Rest day.


A slow, cautious 7km run with my 5km run clinic. It felt great to be back running, albeit slowly! I was really grateful for the clinic this week. Running with people at an easy pace was just what I needed to regain confidence.


Only a little bit of soreness today, I ran 11km and felt alright!


Another 7km with the run clinic. Nothing to write home about.


Rest day!


21km today. I wanted to try to ease back into the “long” runs. I stopped quite a few times to stretch and massage out my tight calf, trying to not to aggravate the ankle and foot. The weather was optimistic, and overall I felt good. The pain has started to feel less acutely inflamed, and more “stiff”. (My medical terminology needs work!)


Rest day! Soreness in the ankle as expected, but I tried to keep off it as much as possible today. Crossing my fingers!