What’s This Then?

Girl Training for MarathonMarathon Training? Two words I never thought would apply to me. My name is Angela, and when I was in third grade, my gym teacher told me that I was so slow because I didn’t “have the knees to be a runner”. After years of childhood body-shame and crippling shyness, (Thanks Mr. Holliday!) I jumped on the fitness train as a teenager, and eventually found running.

I started this blog to chronicle my training, both as a log for myself, and potentially a resource for others. I know I learn best when reading about the anecdotal experiences of others. Perhaps someone could learn something from my journey too.

I’m currently training for the Tamarack Ottawa Race weekend, which will be my first Full Marathon! I will be running as a part of ‘Team Awesome’, a fabulous group of ambassadors for the race.

I am also excited this year to be a part of the 5Peaks Trail Crew! I checked out one of their races last year on a whim, and have met a whole community of incredibly talented and inspiring runners.

A few personal side-notes about me: I’m Canadian, I’m a Designer/Digital Marketer, I love to read and to travel, and I live with my amazing partner Jon. I cry when I hear the national anthem. I’m very proud of my wrap and sandwich making skills. I’ll turn red with fury if my socks ever get wet indoors. I once had my picture taken holding a baby kangaroo, sitting on Santa’s lap.